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Industrial Grade Lactose

industrial grade

Product Definition

Industrial grade lactose describes a range of lactose products used in feed, fermentation and technical applications. Feed grade lactose is produced from deproteinized whey that is evaporated, crystallized and dried. The finished dry product contains more than 98% (w/w) lactose.

Typical Composition*
Lactose (minimum) ** 98.0%***
Protein 0.5-1.0%
Fat 0.1%
Ash 0.1%-0.5%
Total moisture** 4.5%-5.5%

*Please consult your U.S. Supplier for detailed product specifications
**Includes bound water (includes all forms such as monohydrate)
***Includes all forms such as monohydrate

Physical and Chemical Characteristics

Typical Microbiological Analysis:
Standard plate count <50,000/g
Coliform count 100/g (maximum)
E. coli Negative
Listeria Negative
Salmonella Negative/750g
Coagulase-positive staphylococci Negative

Other Characteristics:
Appearance Crystalline, free-flowing powder
Color Light yellow
Flavor Slightly sweet
Solution Slightly turbid, slight yellow, slight whey aroma


Typical recommendations are to store and ship in a cool, dry environment at temperatures less than 27ºC and relative humidity less than 65%. Check with your suppliers for actual storage and specification requirements as they vary.