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Using Whey

Whey products are valued by food formulators for a wide range of functional benefits. They are soluble over a wide pH range, create viscosity through water-binding, form gels, emulsify, bind fat, facilitate whipping, foaming and aeration, enhance color, flavor and texture, and offer numerous nutritional advantages. Whey proteins are an excellent source of highly bio-available calcium, making them particularly valuable in beverages for children, pregnant women and seniors. Whey is also increasingly used in probiotic drinks, with studies suggesting that whey proteins may help protect probiotic cultures in the product and extend its shelf life.

ApplicationBenefit of Whey Products
Bakery Improve texture and enhance moistness; can be used as an egg replacer, lowering cholesterol content and reducing microbiological risks of finished products; can provide toasted flavors; provide vitamin and mineral fortification.
Beverages Prevent sedimentation; contribute to a smooth mouthfeel; can provide a mild dairy flavor; provide protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals; deliver probiotics, lactoferrin and other bioactive or nutraceutical components
Confectionery Help create the desired texture; improve flavor and can provide nutty flavors; contribute to the caramelized color associated with many confections; can be used as a fat replacement; can be used to substitute for the milk solids in confectionery coatings
Dairy Products Provide body and texture in processed cheese applications; reduce syneresis and have a probiotic effect in yogurts; create a smooth texture and freeze-thaw stability in ice cream
Dry Mixes Dissolve in water quickly; improve product texture; contribute a bland, slightly sweet flavor
Infant Products Increase overall nutritional value; provide high-quality proteins in a readily digestible form; good source of calcium, vitamins and minerals
Nutritional Products Increase overall nutritional value; provide high-quality proteins, calcium, vitamins and minerals; contribute to a food's healthful image and clean label
Processed Meats & Seafood Help adhere bread crumbs or batters to meat and fish; improve yield; help create the desired texture; add chew, bite and firmness; improve sliceability; add color to improve visual appearance; enhance flavor
Seasonings & Flavors Act as a flavor carrier; contribute mild dairy flavor; provide uniform coating; prevent caking
Snacks Act as a flavor carrier; increase the volume of snack seasonings; provide uniform coating; extend shelf life
Animal Feed Increase nutritional value, provide protein, vitamin and mineral fortification