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Hemme Brothers

Hemme Brothers Logo 16728 Arcadia Ave.
Sweet Springs, MO 65351
+1 (660) 992 0030

Contact:  Nathan P. Hemme

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Almost 20 years ago, Dad saw an opportunity. Not in cheese, but in milk. He and Mom went from raising pigs to raising cows. They started a dairy without much experience, but they're not the types to shy away from the unknown. They listened and learned and learned some more, and raised their family in the process. It wasn't until their kids started to have families of our own that Dad saw another opportunity. He decided to take a second leap into the unknown, but this time with cheese.

Hemme Brothers Creamery opened their doors in 2016 to make handcrafted cheese that's better from the beginning. Their cheese is rooted in goodness and in family. Because that's where it starts - with family. They take farmstead a bit further, from crop to cream to curd. From their farm to your table. They say cream rises to the top. Well, so do creameries. Welcome to Hemme Brothers. Where they make cheese and today even better.

Meet the Cheesemaker

Hemme Brothers Cheesemaker

Nathan P. Hemme is the cheesemaker at Hemme Brothers.  He has been making cheese since August 9, 2016.  He has been mentored by Neville McNaughton, also known as "Dr. Cheese."

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cheeseMove over, cream cheese. Quark is German for "fresh curd." Creamy, mildly tangy and wonderfully spreadable, it's no wonder Germans consume 17 pounds of Quark each year. It's a great replacement for cream cheese. At Hemme Brothers, they like to call it a high end cream cheese.

Shelf Life: 4 months

Raw Milk Cheese: No Cut: Packaged in a 6-ounce glass jar


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